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Nobody Would Have Heard You

Boston Review | Short Fiction

I need your help.

I am twenty-eight years old. White. A redhead, in fact. My hair is its natural color. I have done nothing to it. Ever. This is an accomplishment in some books. When the trucks blow by, my hair flies in the wind, dry and light as autumn leaves.

My name is Nevermind, how’s that?


You Were Born to Be Loved

Ninth Letter | Creative Nonfiction

It is a beautiful Sunday morning and you are staring out the window right now at the chiseled skyline of Manhattan, the Empire State Building a tiny spear in the center of your view, the elevated track of the subway rushing past every seven minutes to your endless delight. The sun is gaping, ready, invincible. I don’t want to get out of bed.


Review of The Outrun

New York Times | Book Review

Amy Liptrot begins her memoir with a glossary: In the Orkney Islands of far northern Scotland, seals are called selkies; cattle are kye; and the fog rolling in from the sea goes by the evocative haar. The place Liptrot uneasily calls home is an enchanted, windswept, salt-scoured archipelago where the northern lights are known as Merry Dancers and “lambing” is both a season and a verb.


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